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The Social Media Secretary

Generate more sales, capture more clients, be a time wizard and produce more valuable content. Our pricing is only $199.99 / Month.




Media Kit Automation

How does Mongogo Create More Revenue?

Custom Media Opportunities – We provide the tools to enable your team to sell and support custom media opportunities. Custom media opportunities may include advertorials, custom supplements, case studies, custom publications, how-to-guides, microsites, videos and webinars.

Unlock Your Network – Without audience and demographic information an advertiser cannot determine the ROI of their marketing campaign. We provide your sales team with audience and demographic information created through your web analytics.

Know Your Twitter Demographics – We unlock your social media presences through processing your Twitter information to categorize audience segments across social networks.

Keep Your Information Fresh – We monitor your social and digital presence across all of your outposts. We ensure that your marketing message is fresh, unified and current.

Our Secretary's Handbook

Our handbook empowers you with social media basics and a review of the tools that empower your social media outposts.

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